I am an admirer of beauty, as are most people. I think it is our natural preference to seek it out as much as we can. In nature, I have always been struck by the complexity of beauty. When you look over a forest in the fall, there is no one single attribute thaautumn-forest-1351265582Bf1t inspires you. The blue sky serving as a backdrop for the changing leaves as they hang from trees that have been held steadfast for years by a root system that lies beneath a dormant turf that has been adorned by many of autumn’s early casualties. There is nothing specifically about that picture in your mind hat inspires beauty. While autumn’s changing leaves are certainly the star of the display, there is so much more to take in and enjoy. We could focus on the leaves, but ultimately that would cheapen the experience  and we would miss out on the experience of appreciating the rest of the image that nature freely offers up to us. To fully appreciate beauty, the image must be regarded in its totality, not by it’s individual attributes.


…so it goes with your home landscape. A manicured turf is just one aspect of your home’s beauty. The well kept lawn should provide the groundwork for defined beds full of perennial plants that are complimented by appropriately placed annuals. These plhg.lawn.Cook.jpgants should be protected by expertly applied mulch that enhances the visual while protecting the health of the plant and providing a natural weed barrier. Expertly trimmed boxwoods and privets breathe life into the homeowners sense of style and taste either using smooth curves or hard lines to define where their shoots will go. An overgrown rose bush is regarded more for it’s dangerous thorns, but under the care of our technicians,the blooms become the stars of the show.

Our technicians are not here to cut grass, trim hedges, pull weeds, plant flowers or thrown down mulch. We inspire beauty. Nothing less.