DulinCut&Trim is a company comprised of men and women that know and understand that without God we are nothing. We strive to make this deference to a higher power shine through in our interactions with our customers and their properties. Our team is comprised of men and women of all faiths working together to create and maintain beautiful spaces for our customers to enjoy with their families.


The family is central to everything that DulinCut&Trim does. Our company was founded with the goal of making things better for the families of our staff as well as the families of our loyal customers. Our team and their families regularly come together for meals (we are quite partial to Mission BBQ & Gino’s) and many of our employees and their spouses are friends outside of work. Our staff is family-friendly and love what they do. Our customers are always received with kindness, respect and appreciation. It is our goal to create and maintain a fun, beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy.


We really appreciate the beauty and complexity of nature and our goal is to accentuate that every time we service your property. Every time we step outside we are reminded of the great beauty provided to us and our responsibility as caretakers for the small pieces of the planet that we inhabit. It is out number one goal to create and maintain a space that accentuates the beauty of nature and brings it to the forefront. Beauty is naturally occurring and we relish the opportunity to help reveal it in your landscape.