****Following Terms and Conditions of the agreement are below for Yourself and Dulin Cut & Trim. Please read carefully prior to accepting this estimate as this contract sets forth the terms of our agreement and provides important information about the contractor, the work to be performed, and the Owner/Agents obligations.*****

Terms & Conditions

Contractor Responsibility

Dulin Cut & Trim shall perform work in accordance with the written terms contained or referred to in this agreement. Dulin Cut & Trim reserves the right to renegotiate the contract when price or scope of work is affected by changes to any local, state, or federal law, regulation or ordinance that goes into effect after the Agreement is signed. Or changes requested by customer. All employees shall be competent and qualified, and shall be United States citizens or legal residents authorized to work in the United States.

 Insurance & Liabilities 

Contractor agrees to provide General Liability Insurance, Automotive Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and any other insurance required by law. It is understood and agreed that the Contractor is not liable for any damage of any kind that is not caused by the negligence of the Contractor, its agents or employees. Contractor will comply with all licenses and permit requirements of the City, State, and Federal Governments, as well as all other requirements of law.


Lawn mowing is invoiced once a month at the end of each month, after each service or payment in advance as determined by terms listed in quote. Due upon receipt. Landscaping work is billed upon completion of the job. Due upon receipt.
(*Any invoices that are 30 days past due will be charged a late fee of $30 from the date of the invoice for each month it is past due and in the event of default collection charges and/or attorneyfees will be additional. Services will be cancelled immediatley until payment is recieved to bring account up to current*)
(*Customers have (48hrs) from the time the job is complete to notify Dulin Cut & Trim of any dissatisfaction regarding any job done by Dulin Cut & Trim by email to randy@dulincutandtrim.com. If there is no contact made within 48hrs, it is agreed that the job was complete to satisfaction and the customer is to pay full amount of the job upon receipt of invoice*)

 Lawn Mowing

Mowing and Maintenance Service: During each visit as needed, we will:
*. Remove normal trash and debris from lawn areas.*
*. Mow lawn areas.
*. Trim turf areas (around trees, mail boxes, mulch beds, along fence, etc.)***
*. Edge sidewalk, drive, and curbs.
**Removal of fallen branches is not included in our basic service. Fallen branches will be piled in one location off the turf. **Bagging of clippings is not included in the basic service. It is better for the lawn to have the clippings recycled into the lawn. If you still would like to have the clippings collected the charge will be your mowing price times (2) ***Due to potential damage; Dulin Cut & Trim team members are not permitted to trim any grass or weeds growing in cracks of hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete, etc.), in mulch or flower beds, behind a/c units, or around any small rocks. Should you require maintenance around these areas; please contact us for an estimate to provide this service. Before each mowing, trash and debris will be removed. Personal items in the yard must be removed by customer prior to mowing. Mowing will be performed every 7-14 days, depending on growth rate and schedule preference. A turf height between 3 ½ -4 ½ inches will be maintained (1 ½ -2 inches for Bermuda) without removing more than 1/3 of the total leaf blade height. The mowing direction will be alternated each visit, whenever possible, to prevent compaction and enhance your lawn’s appearance. Our equipment is maintained under a regular schedule to ensure excellent working conditions and safety. Change in schedule is by customer decision and responsibility only by email to Dulin Cut & Trim for paper trail purposes only. Switching from weekly to bi – weekly will result in price increase based on current rate of services.


Time and labor is billed at $40 per man per hour, plus any material. Dump fees and Fuel surcharges may apply at an extra cost to the job. Services will be guaranteed. Any warranties on any plants and materials can be added at an additional cost. All work will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner by experienced and well trained, uniformed personnel, utilizing clean, well-maintained equipment of the latest and most efficient design. For any Landscape services 1/3 of a deposit is to be paid upfront. Remaining will be paid upon completion. All materials shall conform to bid specifications. Contractor will meet all Agricultural licensing and reporting requirements.

Property Lines

Prior to the commencement of the Work the CLIENT will provide Contractor with information as to the location of property lines and all subsurface utility and service lines, including but not limited to electrical, telephone and gas lines and water and irrigation pipe-lines and conduits. Contractor may rely on the accuracy and completeness of all such information and shall not be liable for damages or costs resulting from any errors or omissions in that regard. Unless otherwise provided for herein, Contractor will be responsible for obtaining any municipal building permits required in relation to the performance of the Work.


Prune and shape shrubs (excluding rose bushes) in accordance with overall aesthetics.


 Sod is to be installed as specified according to the approved contract following walkthrough. Sod is to be consistant in color and quality, free of weeds, diseases, or other visible imperfections at the time of application. It is responsibility of customer on proper care including watering, fertilization and weed and pest control applications. Dulin Cut & Trim will offer advice or services to maintain should that be of customers choice at an additional cost to customer.

Aeration/Overseeding & General Seeding

The success of this service is extremely dependant on the homeowner’s participation. Following the instructions provided by Dulin Cut & Trim Team Member. Once per year during the fall season we will provide core aeration and seeding. Aeration relieves soil compaction and increases the availability of air, water, and nutrients. Also, aeration minimizes thatch buildup. Over-seeding (at rates recommended by the manufacturer) with our custom blend of certified seed will help establish a thick, healthy lawn

 Leaf Removal
During the fall season with leaves on the ground, it is more time-consuming for us to perform the above-cited “Basic” services during our visits (and harder on our mowing equipment). When leaves will interfere with mowing, visits will be rescheduled until after leaves are removed.

Leaf removal options are by: A. Dulin Cut & Trim- Should you choose this additional service option, the price of leaf removal is $40.00 per man-hour with a 4 man-hour minimum. This minimum can be waved in writing by sales staff. Since the volume of leaf fall can not be estimated in advance, a price for removal cannot be quoted prior to service date. If requested, we will call with a quote at the time of service. Please note this does not include Additional Services described as “Spring and Fall Cleanups”.
OR B. Owner/Resident or Third Party: Should you choose to remove the leaves yourself or by a third party, please call us to coordinate your fall mowing schedule. If you desire Dulin Cut & Trim to mow your lawn while leaves are on the turf, we may charge a leaf removal fee (depending on the volume of leaves), at the above quoted rate.

Spring & Fall Cleanups
 A cleanup crew will remove leaves, branches and other debris from existing mulched beds, other non-mulched planting and flowerbeds, shrubs, groundcover. This service will be performed at the beginning of the spring, and end of the fall season. Leaves will be composted on site or hauled off, if requested by the owner. Please call us for a free estimate for your spring and fall cleanups.

Client Responsibility

Access to job Site, Prompt Payment, Notice of Defect or Damage to be reported within 3 business days to Dulin Cut & Trim. In most cases, Contractor will address or remedy the problem within two to five days after receiving Client’s request. In some cases it may take longer, depending on circumstances beyond Contractors control (including, but not limited to: weather, inappropriate time of year of to correct the turf or landscape problem, or non-availability of materials). In the unlikely event that Contractor and Client cannot agree on a mutually-acceptable solution to written requests, Contractor will consider acceptance of a cost reduction to amount due or performing additional work at no charge.