Our Top Videos


At the beginning of the 2016 lawn season we had a mishap with a broken belt on a rather large property. Randy(the owner) was going to have to push the mower back up a steep hill and the length of a football field and THEN push it up the ramps onto the truck. Very frustrated, Randy decided to spin positive and laugh.
The video to the left is the result of his misfortune. It is one of the first videos our business has ever posted and still is the most viewed.
Since that time DulinCut&Trim has steadily put out videos for our customers and anyone else that may be interested. Our videos are regularly consumed on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, in fact several of our current customers came across our business when googling how to perform basic lawn tasks and our videos popped up! Below are some of our favorite videos culled from the almost 100 that were produced last year. We hope you enjoy watching.