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I am fortunate to do what I love which is create beautiful lawns and landscapes in my community. I am able to do this by professionally trimming every edge and border on your lawn, then blowing all the clippings back into your lawn. Only then do I cut your grass, finely mulching all the clippings back into your lawn. A final run through with the blower and your lawn will not only look beautiful but will be able to reclaim the nutrients from the clippings that were just cut.
I have been cutting grass since I was old enough to push a mower and few things bring me more satisfaction than bringing a lawn to its full manicured potential. Every detail of your lawn matters to me, I use the lightest commercial grade mower available, this protects your lawn from the rutting that occurs with all walk behind and zero turn mowers.

Nothing is more exciting to me then taking a lawn from average to beautiful and that is what will happen if you hire Dulin Cut & Trim to maintain your lawn or complete your landscaping project. No job is to big or small.


  • Lawn Mowing
  • Pet Waste Removal

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DulinCut&Trim was founded in 2016 and has quickly become one of the fastest growing lawn & landscape services in Anne Arundel County. We are very proud of the reputation we have built and I encourage you to take the time and Google our business, I promise you will be impressed with what our customers have to say. We have been able to maintain a high level of service excellence by always keeping our values at the forefront of every thing we do. Our men and women are passionate about making a beautiful place for you and your family to enjoy.
Everything we do at DulinCut&Trim is in support of our core values. From the prayers uttered every morning, to the family friendly nature of our employees, to the respect that is paid to the true, organic beauty of nature, we hope our values shine through in everything we do.

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