Integrity is a core principle in our business at Dulin Cut & Trim, it is one of the things that allows us to retain our customers year over year. Honorable dealings in all our professional relationships is what gives us the reputation we have been able to maintain. Integrity informs the way we interact with our customers, the way we interact with our employees and how we make certain that jobs are always completed correctly and on time.

Integrity is also what demands that we always practice fair pricing with every single client we encounter.

An unfortunate reality in business is that many companies have one goal in mind: generate as much profit as possible. This leads to a lower pricing threshold in some neighborhoods since it is understood that lawn maintenance services do not hold as much value as they do in other areas. This fact alone is fine but the same companies that will offer rock bottom prices in a low income area will then attempt to make up for the lost profits by charging exorbitant prices in higher income areas. This practice, while common, is by no means an honorable way to do business.

At Dulin Cut & Trim we have one pricing structure that is applied to every customer we partner with. Our tried and true system was designed to be simple and keep the needs of the customer in mind. Our system is so easy to use that all our employees are able to utilize to fairly and accurately quote a service to any prospective customer, even if it is over the phone. We understand this shrinks our customer base on the lower end (a valuable market sector) and technically leaves money on the table on the higher end, but honor and integrity are values that cannot be compromised. The peak level services we provide our high income customers do not differ in anyway for the customers that pay our service minimum($35). Our customers trust us to provide services at fair market prices and we deliver that value every time.

Shoot us an email at dulincutandtrim@gmail.com or call us at (443) 878-9253 and we will partner with you to reveal the natural beauty hidden in your lawn and landscape.